I am an anomaly and I’m okay with that. It took me a while to get to this point where I’m comfortable with who I am. I’ve decided that it’s okay to have a different view from others and it’s okay if my response to life isn’t defined by statistics or can’t easily be predicted. I am passionate, I am free-spirited, I am assertive and aggressive sometimes, I am kind, I am passionate and I am a little bit broken. This page is my space to record my thoughts and memories and let the world see some of the remarkable craziness that makes me, me!

I’m a Trinidadian woman living and studying in Jamaica. I recently completed my bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and I completed my associate’s degree in Journalism and public relations prior to that. My academic course continues in the field of communication as I am now pursuing a masters degree in Communication for Social and Behavior Change. Currently, I’m the president of the debating and public speaking society (debating and public speaking is a huge part of who I am). at the University of the West Indies, Mona. I am a writer, researcher, editor and advocate. I love to travel, write, speak – of course – and I’m a huge outdoors/beach girl.

I am a writer, researcher, editor and advocate. I love to travel and I take a tonne of pictures when I do so you can expect content covering a cross section of issues, some travel photos, lots of nature/beach pics (wishful thinking here) and some personal ponderings. Feel free to stick around and browse or drop a comment if it suits your fancy. Hopefully, you’ll find some interesting stuff here!