The Most Beautiful Place on Earth (for now)

This weekend I visited the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life; Blue Lagoon in Portland Jamaica. Before this the most beautiful place I’d seen was a snow covered village at the base of Mt Olympus in Greece. It was the first time I saw snow, and looking out from the mountain top I stared at the gorgeous blankets of white atop houses and my heart was giddy with joy. In that moment, even though it was -15 degrees and my Caribbean bones were not accustomed to the cold, I was happy and that image was moved to the top of my list of beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Since then I’ve seen other amazing sights: canals at sunset in the Hague, old Chapels in the middle of Boston, the sun perched high above the ocean from a mountain in St. Vincent, Eisner Steg bridge with locks of love in Frankfurt Germany, and still Mt Olympus was the place I visited most frequently when reminiscing on places I’d love to be.

That changed this weekend though. What was supposed to be a quick stop to take some pictures turned into the most satisfying part of a roadtrip on Saturday. I tend to go against the grain with preparing to visit places. Unlike the average person I don’t google the places beforehand but I wait to see it in person. My eyes nor my heart was prepared for all that is Blue Lagoon. To be honest I’ve seen my friends pictures when they visited but I never saw professional shots of the treasure that is Blue Lagoon. Even though I saw my friends pictures they  never did justice to the immense beaty that captivates your soul once you lay eyes upon the blue green mass of water.

To get to the Lagoon we drove down a narrow road and came to a dead end with little shacks selling hand-made crafts and clothes. As the vehicle slowed to the end a couple men approached the car and enquired whether we were interested in a boat ride. Quick digression, I keep saying we becasue I went with three other persons on the trip – my friend Kim, our classmate Sheldon, and his friend Javielle. Now where was I? Oh right! So we decline the boat rides because this really was a quick stop on our way to Boston beach, which was about half an hour away. I was the first one out of the vehicle and when I walked out onto the jetty I screamed. Literally screamed and repeatedly said “oh my God” while beaming at Sheldon who was so kind to invite us on this trip and suggest we make the stop. I should mention that Sheldon is now one of my most favourite persons in the world (yeah he moved wayyyyyy up the list this weekend). As I looked out I saw a small area of sand across the lagoon and there were three beach chairs on it. I could see fishes in the water close to me and when I could contain myself no longer, I stripped off my shorts and dived in. As I got deeper I felt two distinct temperatures on my skin, one ice cold an the other extremely warm and it was then I learned that Blue Lagoon is comprised of both fresh and salt water, as a river and the ocean converge there.

I cannot find the words to adequately express all that my heart feels in this moment as I try to recall every emotion I felt at Blue Lagoon. The highlight of that trip was swiming out to the centre of the lagoon while holding on to Sheldon’s shoulder (I panic if I’m alone in the water so he had to take me out). Being in the middle of something so exceptionally gorgeous felt liberating; in that moment I had no worries, no stress, nothing seemed important or urgent, and I was happy.

Blue Lagoon in Portland Jamaica is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life and my heart will visit it many times in the future. That space made my soul come alive and my heart remember that it was made for more than pain. Everybody should see Blue Lagoon. Everybody! I hope Saturday reminds me that it’s not enough to exist in this world but I must take time out to live.


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