Vegan Vibrations

Can I tell you that I have no idea what the title of this post is really saying? I’ve learned that the best way to attract people to your online content is to give posts a catchy title and that’s where “Vegan Vibrations” came from. Don’t worry you’re not about to read a post that has absolutely nothing to do with veganism; quite contrary, I’ve recently become a vegan – more out of necessity than anything else – and I want to tell you about my journey so far.

First thing first, I hate this new diet! I am a food lover and a meat lover. I love eating meat, I love seasoning meat, I love cooking meat: I love meat! (almost as much as I love coffee).  But I love life more; I’m currently high risk for breast cancer (my mom has it and I’m currently waiting on test results for my diagnosis), and so it’s imperative that I change my diet. The funny thing is my diet wasn’t particularly bad before: Most of my meals were home-cooked, I hardly ate fried food, I ate a lot of vegetables and of course I exercised. Just goes to show that even when you think you’re doing enough there’s always something more that can be done.

So now I’m vegan and it’s tough. I should add some balance by saying it’s also a bit fun because I absolutely love cooking and trying new dishes so I’m enjoying that aspect of the journey. What I don’t like though, is the limited options I have when I go out to dinner with my friends. It’s so tedious having to settle for salads because there’s nothing else on the menu that caters to my diet. And yes, I could look for vegan restaurants but my options for that are limited and I’m a student on a budget in a foreign country.

On the bright side, I’m an optimist. So although I hate this change right now I’m anticipating that it will get better. I’m currently trying to find my niche – my go-to foods that I can make at any time – while trying to figure out which textures and flavours work well with each other. Hopefully, in a couple months my feelings of resentment will subside and I’ll be the all natural, vegan woman you can turn to for some great meal tips.

If you know of any great vegan recipe sites or if you have tips on how I can remain steadfast on my journey I’d love to hear them. Until then, it’s back to experimenting and adjusting through trial and error!



One of my first vegan meals: Baby Spinach, Garlic Herbed Potatoes and Fresh Salad



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